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Corsi Parrucchieri

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Corsi Parrucchieri
   Hairdressers Academy, Online Courses, Hairdressers Professional Upgrade, Hair Cuts Courses, Hairstyles Courses

Academy Hair Style Hairdressing Academy
Training with professional video courses for hairdressers. Refine your hairdresser's and your employees' ability to tackle creatively all the latest hair and color hair cuts.
The Hairdressing Academy - Academy Hair Style - offers you a free video course for hairdressers. You can try one of our online video lessons without a commitment and free of charge to demonstrate the high quality and utilization of our hairdressing training.
You can see all the videos of the Academy for hairdressers on smartphones, tablets or on your computer. Streaming videos can be streamed or downloaded.
The Academy for Hair Salon - Academy Hair Style - provides a detailed practical video for each stage or hair cutting or hairstyle. They are step-by-step educational videos, made to be seen and used during the professional training of hairdressers. As you watch the video, the speaker guides you step by step in the various phases of hair cuts and you have time to test directly on the model or head. An innovative and practical learning style that can make you understand both how to do the job and how much time you have to spend to realize it.


  Corsi Parrucchieri
   Hairdressing Academy, Online Courses, Hairdressing Update, Hair Cuts Courses, Hairstyles Courses

  Via Primo Maggio 11/13
   20028 San Vittore Olona (Milan), Italy
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